Our Story

Fit For Life was founded in 1997 by Angie Jenkins. Her passion for fitness and nutrition has led her to partnering with organizations for more than two decades to offer access to a seamless spectrum of health, well-being and fitness services, underpinned by the highest standards in training and expertise.

We keep ourselves in-line with developments in the world of corporate wellness and work closely with a team of highly qualified personnel with a diverse range of knowledge to help your company achieve well-being strategies for your unique needs.

OUR MISSION is to provide an outstanding service to our clients by engaging with and educating staff on physical, nutritional and mental wellness, enabling them to better manage their energy levels resulting in increased performance and a better quality of life.

People who are fit in these areas feel better about themselves, are more engaged and therefore more productive. We fully understand this and are dedicated to providing new and innovative services to meet these needs.

 We are confident that our wide range of services, the expertise of our team of qualified professionals and most importantly our 21 years’ experience in the field make Fit For Life the ideal partner for your needs.

 We look forward to hearing from you. 



We are all born natural movers. Never in history have we been so sedentary.  According to Dr. Anup Kanodia, a Mayo Clinic and Harvard trained physician who coined the phrase, “Sitting is the new smoking”, research now shows that sitting for one hour can reduce your life expectancy by 22 minutes!

The health risks of sitting for extended periods of time can have an enormous impact on our health.  To help keep your office in peak condition we offer a host of services that will help your staff TRAIN in a way that will significantly reduce these risks


Nourishing Habits are everything, so the change must happen with our mindset first. More and more companies are now recognising the fact that nourishing staff in all aspects of life leads to enhanced business performance. Put simply, a happier, healthier workforce allows companies to function at their competitive best. It’s a win-win solution: a healthier workforce makes for a healthier bottom line.


Our educational seminars address many of the big questions people have about health: diet, hormones, posture and ergonomics.  The presentations are colourful, lively and practical, but more importantly, they are full of the latest scientific information in an easy to understand and apply format.  


We take a collaborative approach, working in partnership with our clients to achieve their wellbeing goals in line with their wider business strategy.  Allow us to help your workforce FLOURISH by offering custom build packages, where we work with you to programme a 12-month calendar of wellness events.

Our services

Be healthy with your colleagues


With accessible facilities, exercise becomes easier. An on-site fitness centre and fitness coordinator make it convenient.


Fit For Life can coordinate various educational seminars that address many of the big questions people have about health: diet, hormones, posture and ergonomics. 


On-site therapies are a wonderful way for staff to de-stress and unwind.  Fit For Life can offer a wide range of on- site therapies that will energise your staff.


Fit For Life can offer complete coaching and management software that enables you to reach your employees in ways that are current - online and on mobile platforms. 

What our client say about us



“Angie's wealth of knowledge and expertise
on everything from diet to training has kept
me going and afloat over the years.”



Working with Angie has always been extremely easy, she is a wealth of knowledge and offers comprehensive, convenient, economical, evidenced based health and nutrition services to our employees.



Angie arranged a wellbeing event for our team incorporating a yoga / pilates session for the core team and massages for our support teams. The feedback across all areas was excellent.

Train - Learn - Nourish - Flourish

Look around your workplace and picture how things would be if everyone was at peak fitness, healthy and operating at the top of their game.

From gym facility installation and management, to group exercise classes and health education programmes, we are a one-stop-shop, offering corporations access to a seamless spectrum of health, well-being and fitness services, underpinned by the highest standards in training and expertise. We can improve the health of your staff and ultimately your company.

We look forward to hearing from you.