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Seminars and Workshops

Here are just a few of the descriptions of our most popular seminars and workshops:

Virtual or onsite Cooking Classes

Learn to cook with nutrition focused cookery classes. All our options are designed to provide practical understanding around healthy ingredients, foods and meals, and to motivate attendees to improve their own diet and share their new knowledge with families and friends.

Our quarterly cooking classes will take approximately 60 minutes and include a specific topic in which a short presentation will be presented followed by the demonstration of 4 dishes. Also included are the recipe handouts, including options for customising to create interesting alternative dishes, and to accommodate any intolerances.

Below is an outline of the 4 classes that can be given once a quarter.

First Class- Nutrition 101

Theme for this session will be learning the ABC’s of nutrition (Foundations of our Macronutrients) 

  • Learn how food effects our energy, concentration and performance   

  • Key Health Principles to keep you in Peak Condition 

  • Kitchen essentials to make prep time hassle free

Second Class- Low Sugar, Lower-Carb Recipes for Longer Lasting Energy

Theme for this session will be wholesome, lower-carb foods, meals and snacks.

  • Learn how to balance your blood sugar and create a metabolically flexible body

  • Best foods for reducing inflammation in the brain and body and why this is important for optimum health

Third Class-Easy Meals for Busy Mums and Dads

Theme for this session will be quick and easy healthy lunchbox ideas, snacks and drinks for busy parents.

  • ‘Better Brands’– For those looking for healthier options when in the supermarket, 

  • Learn how to read food labels, find out about the ‘baddies’ that lurk in many products like hidden sugars, dangerous trans and PUFA fats and artificial sweeteners to name a few.

Forth Class- Sports on a Plate - Foods to enhance performance and recovery

Theme for this session will be foods and eating for exercise, sports and recovery.

  • Get our tips for getting the best out of smoothies

  • Timing your food around training

Emotional Wellbeing - Healthy Mind

Our associate practitioners specialise in Emotional/ Mental Wellbeing to design talks and/or workshops specific to the needs of your staff profile.

These topics include:

  • Introduction to mindfulness

  • Building resilience

  • Setting and reaching goals

  • Stress management

  • Connecting with clients/ colleagues (listening/ empathy/ gratitude)

  • Beating procrastination/ building focus (this would have a mindfulness component)

  • Emotional intelligence and motivation

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs

  • Mind-set for success

  • Importance of nutrition and movement in managing energy

  • Parenting workshops