Live On Line Sessions

Hi all,

Hope you are keeping well and positive in these trying times! Now that the government has a phased plan to come out of lock down, we now know that any gym or studio may not be open for several months.

Now more than ever we need to look after our and our families wellbeing.

Since the lock down began, we at Fit for Life have been developing and running on-line classes for many of our partner companies with great success.

We are now delighted to be able to offer this same service to all of you.

So let's shrug off the lock down fog and make the most of your time at home! It's not too late to join in with the Fit For Life team for some of our fitness, yoga, Pilates or meditations sessions we have on offer.

We’re big believers in fitness being fun and that’s an essential part of our classes. Pop in and try one for yourself. You’re sure of a warm welcome and we’re confident you’ll leave feeling great and looking forward to the next one.

We have now have 24 sessions per week on the timetable with a BONUS session from time to time either on a Friday or Saturday morning. This may be a quick and easy healthy cookery demo, Nutrition workshop OR a Q&A session where you can ask your questions with anything to do with Health, Wellness & Longevity. Learn how to Bio hack your health! Never heard of Bio hacking, well even more reason for you to attend our BONUS SESSIONS!

Join our Live On-line Classes Today

All you have to do is sign up on our Fit For Life Mindbody Booking portal WITH YOUR PERSONAL EMAIL to view and book the sessions. Once you have booked a class you will receive a Zoom link 30 mins before the start of class.
Choose a single session for €8 OR one week with unlimited sessions for €16. Your week starts when you sign into your first class. All payments are taken on our system with our secure merchant account Paysafe.
CLICK HERE to set up your account and book your sessions!

Companies: Plug your staff into Health and Well Being 

We are very proud to be the Health and fitness partners to some of Ireland's largest National and International firms. If you would like to plug your staff into our full range of classes then please contact us at and well be happy to tell you all about our corporate programs. 


- Just wanted to say that I really love the classes and would be lost without them – as would many.
Not only are they stress relievers – they also provide a structure to the day – and ensure that I “come away” from the screen (the news, work, family etc) they are my time to just be – and move and breathe – that’s Aaron’s mindfulness coming in there.
Thanks for everything and see you soon,

- I just wanted to send an email to thank you and Eu for doing all the morning gym classes. They have really helped boost my mood and given me something to look forward to in such crazy times.
Best regards
- Just to say that was a really good class yesterday. I have always HATED yoga, but have gotten into it since lockdown, so thanks! Also, wanted to say it was really good and I am super sore!

- Just to let you know, the classes are great! They get me up out of bed and start the day for me. A workout first thing in the morning sets my mood for the day and makes this lockdown a lot easier to manage mentally. Also seeing familiar faces like yours and Eu’s helps a lot too!
Thanks so much

Live Class Schedule


Super Circuits 08.00

Guided Meditation 08.30

Met Con 13.00

Fitness Pilates 17.00

Ab Blast and stretch 17.30


Freestyle Fitness Yoga 08.00

Met Con  08.00

Fitness Pilates 12.30

Killer cardio 13.00

Ab Blast and stretch 17.30


Killer Cardio/HIIT 08.00

Yoga Pilates Fusion  08.00

Met Con 13.00

Super Circuits 17.30

Mindful Meditation 17.45


Rotating format 08.00

Mindful Meditation  08.30

Super Circuits 12.00

Ab Blast and stretch  13.00

Killer Cardio/HIIT 17.30


Freestyle Fitness Yoga 08.00

Killer cardio/HIIT  08.00

Fitness Pilates 12.30

Rotating Format 13.00

Bonus session TBA