Health Education

Health Education

Seminars and Workshops

Fit For Life can coordinate various educational seminars that address many of the big questions people have about health: diet, hormones, posture and ergonomics.
The presentations are colorful, lively and practical, but more importantly they are full of the latest scientific information in an easy to understand and apply format.
If any of the topics are of interest, we recommend setting up a meeting to discuss in advance the full requirements and then tailoring
the content to suit. This will ensure optimum results for all concerned.

Here are descriptions of our most popular:

Cook Your Way to Great Health – Healthy Cookery Demo

This is a nutrition focused cookery demo with an emphasis on quick and easy whole
food recipes.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to balance your blood sugar so you don’t get cravings
  • The ABC’s of nutrition- the best foods to help improve energy, concentration
    and performance.
  • Our Peak Condition Principles

We will show you simple ways to prepare nutritious small snacks and meals which can easily be integrated into your lifestyle.

Enjoy the tasty samples when the demo is finished. The demo takes approximately 60 minutes. We do this demo without the use of hobs or heating devices. All we require is one table and access to power point for the nutrition presentation. If health and safety permits, we can bring in a portable electric hob for some recipes.

Emotional Wellbeing - Healthy Mind

Our assoiate practioners specialises in Emotional/ Mental Wellbeing to design talks
and/or workshops specific to the needs of your staff profile.

These topics include:

  • Introduction to mindfulness
  • Building resilience
  • Setting and reaching goals
  • Stress  management
  • Connecting with clients / colleagues (listening / empathy / gratitude)
  • Beating procrastination / building focus (this would have a mindfulness component)
  • Emotional intelligence and motivation
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Mind-set for success
  • Importance of nutrition and movement in managing energy
  • Parenting workshops

Creating a Wellness Strategy that Lasts

We offer a custom build package, where we work with you to programme a 12-month calendar of employee wellness events and programmes across all areas of employee health and wellbeing. The first step would be to identify what the challenges of your company are by assess the needs of your employees.

To ensure maximum participation, the following steps would be put in place to make sure this programme is a success.

  1. Establish a Wellness Committee
  2. Assess employee needs and interests
  3. Design the Wellness programme- Develop a mission statement, Goals and Objectives
  4. Develop a timeline and budget
  5. Select programme incentives
  6. Acquire support
  7. Market the programme
  8. Implement the programme
  9. Track the results and evaluate the success of the programme

If you’re just looking for a single workplace wellbeing event or service that’s no problem, we’d be happy to meet to discuss your full requirements and then tailor the even to suit.

Functional Medicine Health Coaching

Enhance and accelerate learning and development with the growing field of Functional Medicine Health Coaching.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is a model of care that addresses the underlying causes of disease and engages both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership.

Our FM Health coaching services integrate the art of coaching with the principles of Functional Medicine, nutrition, the psychology of eating, mind-body medicine and positive psychology. 

We are bombarded with health information. Eat this, don’t have that…. most of us are not short of health advice. In fact, we probably already know exactly what habits we need to adopt to get healthy.

Knowing that is the easy bit. However, adopting those habits – and sticking to them in the long-term is the tricky part.

Self-sabotaging patterns of behaviour are difficult to change. You may have already tried – perhaps many times – to get healthy…and then slipped back into old habits and felt frustrated and angry with yourself for failing yet again.

That’s where health coaching comes in. We are here to be your support while you make those changes, empowering our clients to take back control of their health and achieve more energy, improved digestion, a sharper mind and inspire people to be their healthiest - and happiest - selves. 

These sessions can be set up individually or as group sessions, in person or as an online programme.

Health & Wellbeing Fairs

This is a fun and festive event that will help your employees become and stay healthy. It gives them the opportunity to learn more about the practitioner’s area of expertise and how their health can benefit from using their services or products. We typically run these fairs during lunch hours.

Some of the practitioners and services offered could include the following, depending on availability:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Health foods & drinks
  • Reflexology
  • Healthy Eating Cookery Demo
  • Fitness, Yoga, Kettlebells, Conditioning, Pilates classes
  • Health Products
  • Workshops & Seminars
  • Body Composition Testing
  • Chiropractic spinal screenings
  • Massage Therapy
  • Nutrition
  • Reiki
  • Foot Scans & Foot
  • Homeopathy and many

Why a Health Fair?

Conducting a Health Fair can do a great deal for you and your employees as it:

  • Provides a forum for educating employees about good health habits
  • Puts health and wellbeing on the agenda and into the consciousness of your staff
  • Encourages employees to assume an active role in enhancing and maintaining their own health.
  • Helps employees meet doctors and health care professionals in their community.
  • Allows practitioners to offer a discount to anyone booking with them from the
    health fair.
  • Is a festive, fun atmosphere and can enhance employee morale.
  • Communicates the message to employees that the company is concerned about their health and well-being.