Forever Lean

Forever Lean

Are you tired of nutrition and fitness programs that promise results, but can't deliver?

Are you fed up with working hard but getting nowhere fast?

Are you ready to kick start your fitness, lose weight & regain your health?

With Fit for Life's FOREVER -LEAN program, you'll discover:

  • How to give yourself an abundance of energy to finally start living the life you want.
  • The best exercises for burning belly fat (here’s a hint, they don't include loads of cardio & hundreds of sit ups or crunches ...)
  • How to increase your strength and stamina.
  • How to build your confidence, get lean and most importantly healthy!
  • •The tools you need to keep you motivated and moving forward whether it’s for losing fat, to improve your energy or just to improve your overall health and fitness.

No matter what your fitness level, or eating habits, the FOREVER- LEAN program is about transforming yourself into a leaner healthier person, not just in the short term, BUT FOR LIFE!



The Forever Lean program.

We understand that to succeed at changing how you look and feel, you are going to need more than just a one size fits all plan. You need a simple to follow program that adapts and changes as you do. A program that evolves as your body and energy levels change and that can fit with where your fitness levels are right now.  We understand that you need support to stay on track and people that understand where you are starting from, where you are going and the path you are on to take you there. And yes, the Forever Lean program delivers all of this.

The Eating Plans

No amount of fitness training will make get you lean if your diet is unhealthy. We'll co-create a nutrition plan that's perfectly tailored to your needs. You'll also learn how to overcome the trap of emotional eating and find the energy to satisfy the demands of your busy lifestyle. All our nutrition plans are based on scientifically researched templates from the Institute of Functional Medicine and are fully adaptable to your circumstances and lifestyle.

Our program uses a low carbohydrate framework, but we also strategically place higher carbohydrate days and meals in our approach. These plans are staged with different, easy to follow recommendations depending on your weight, goals, fitness levels, exercise commitments and they adapt as your goals are met and evolve. These plans also cater for vegetarians and vegans.

The Exercise Plans

Exercise is essential, not only for overall physical health but also for brain function and mental well-being, but not everyone is at the same starting point. That’s why FOREVER- LEAN comes with different exercise plans for you to choose from depending on your current fitness levels.

We have complete beginner to advanced programs available to suit you. We will also guide you in how you can add your favorite forms of activity into your plan. Hill walking, Zumba, Swimming, cycling, strength training, crossfit, whatever make you feel alive can be a part of your plan.

The Coaching and support program

Coaching and support are a fundamental part of FOREVER- LEAN. As a group we will meet once a week on – line (we use zoom for this meeting, which is free to download). The sessions are approximately 1 to 1.5 hours with your group and your qualified personal trainer and health coach course facilitator. You can come and go to these meetings. Have a questions, pop in and ask it. looking for help with you program or diet, log in and get the help you need. Want to talk about your goals and the barriers standing in your way  we are ready and able to help.

During these sessions you will have the opportunity to will learn and practice techniques to help you evolve how you look at food, exercise and living a healthier lifestyle. We’ll discuss what went well, what you might have struggled with and will help you explore solutions to these problems and ways to move forward. A feeling of community is a big part of our support structure  and the group sessions are a great way of meeting people who are working towards the same goals you are and working together toward that shared goal.

Costs and how you can book your place.

FOREVER- LEAN runs in 10-week cycles. You can do as many cycles as you like until you reach your desired goal and feel comfortable to go it alone.

When you sign up you are investing in:
• An array of unique exercise programs that can be done at your own gym, at home or in your company gym. Beginner, intermediate and advanced programs available.
• Easy to follow lower carbohydrate nutrition plans that will fill you up and leave you energized.
• Shopping lists, menus and meal plans
• Weekly 1 to 1.5-hour on-line group session, email support & motivation for the full 10 weeks.
• An invite to use our Fit For Life App for your workouts and food diaries. This app allows us to assign you workouts and food plans and helps you keep track of what you are doing.
• An education in how to track your progress, training, diet and goals.

Are you willing to take action today to improve your health, look and feel better, and finally start living the life you've always wanted? Or would you rather waste time on more of the same habits and programs that have gotten you nowhere?

A smaller jean size can be as little as four weeks away!

The choice is yours, TAKE ACTION TODAY by signing up for our UNIQUE PROGRAM - FOREVER- LEAN!

You'll be glad you did.

The Forever Lean program can be done on site or through our virtual portal. To see about running a Forever Lean program for your company or group please contact us at

When you are ready to make a change we are ready to show you how.