Health Education

Health Education enables and empowers individuals to take charge of their own health and the quality of their lives. Our programmes include:

Health Education Seminars

We host a variety of seminars that address questions such as health, diet, posture, hormones and ergonomics. All with the goal of getting you and your employees more healthy.

Our most popular seminar/workshops are:

Cook Your Way to Great Health – Healthy Cookery Demo – CLICK HERE for a full description.
Become a Corporate Athlete-The Importance of Nutrition & Exercise in Stress Management- CLICK HERE to learn more

Introduction to Mindfulness – CLICK HERE for more information


Health & Wellness Fairs

Fit For Life and can provide you with a fair that is fun and festive that will help your staff become and stay healthy.  It gives the staff the opportunity to learn more about the practitioner’s area of expertise and how their health can benefit from using their services or products.

 Some of the practitioners and services offered include the following:

Acupuncture & Chinese HerbsFarmers market stalls
Physical TherapyChiropractic spinal screenings
Health foods & drinksMassage Therapy*
Healthy Eating Cookery Demo*Reiki
Fitness, Yoga, Pilates classes*Foot Scans & Foot Assessments
Health ProductsHomeopathy and many more…
Workshops & Seminars*

There are many benefits to staging a Health and Wellness Fair. These Fairs:

  • Communicate a message to employees that the company is concerned about their health and well-being.
  • Provide a forum for educating employees about good health habits and the effects of harmful habits such as smoking, drinking and poor diet.
  • Encourage employees to assume an active role in enhancing and maintaining their own health.
  • Encourage employees to be more aware of safety in the workplace.
  • Allow employees to meet doctors and healthcare professionals in their community.
  • Boost morale by providing a festive, almost party-like atmosphere.
  • Give employees a chance to take advantage of on-site health checks.

Contact us to enquire about setting up a Health & Wellness Fair at your company.