The A&L Goodbody Corportate Gym is open to all employees The gym is open 24/7. In our gym we have an excellent range of both Cardio Vascular
and Resistance training equipment. In order to use this facility you simply have to attend an Induction Session.






For Insurance reasons all A&L employees who would like to use the gym must attend a 20 minute gym induction. Please note you do not have to change into gym gear for the induction. During the induction, a qualified fitness coach will inform the participants of the gym policies and give a full demonstration of how to use each piece of equipment.
Exercise guidelines will also be covered. Once you have attended an Induction, you are free to use the gym. You must attend an induction regardless
of your level of fitness or previous experience in a gym.

In addition to the equipment we will be running a number of classes weekly. We hope that this page will provide you with all the information that you need
in order to make full use of our Corporate Gym.

House Rules

Changing Rooms
The Ladies and Gents changing rooms are equipped with toilets, showers and a hairdryer. When you are using these facilities please bear in mind that there are a lot of people using them on a daily basis and so please remove all of your belongings after you have finished. Please do not leave wet towels there to dry, pack them into your bags as you are leaving and leave the space clean for others to use it after you.

There are lockers in the changing rooms for your daily use. You must remove your belongings from the locker before you leave in the evening. The lockers are not for overnight or weekly storage of your personal belongings. If you do not empty your locker your belongings will be taken out by facilities.

Other things to remember
There are paper towels provided for you to wipe down the equipment after you have used it. Please carry a towel at all times when using the 'stretching' mats, put them back after use. Use the correct footwear at all times, do not workout in the gym in 'bare feet'


Following the initial induction, you are offered a customized exercise programme aimed at meeting your desired goals. Our programmes are specifically designed for individuals who are in an occupation that might prevent them from being active. We give periodic feedback on your workout performance and encourage you to take intermediate evaluations and new programmes. (Home programmes are also available)

The personal trainer is available to take appointments at these times:

MONDAY - 12.00- 14.00 & 16.30-19.30
TUESDAY – 7.30-9.30 & 16.30-19.30
WEDNESDAY – 12:00 to 14.30
THURSDAY – 7.00 to 10:00

(Please note: These times may change occasionally)
To book in for an induction or a 1:1 fitness program email gym@algoodbody.com


These are free of charge and on a first come first serve basis so arrive early to avoid disappointment.
Please note: The gym will be closed during classes unless you would like to take part.


This class includes a great mix of upper, lower & middle body segments, interval led with powerful non-choreographed cardio cycles of skipping, circuits, and plyometrics. Blast away boredom with this high-energy workout that builds & sculpts muscle as well as improves strength & endurance. The class then finishes with relaxing Yoga & Pilates style abdominal & stretching techniques.

WEDNESDAY – 13.00-13.45


Excellent for fat burning and muscle sculpting. These class includes a great mix of aerobic work with weight training circuits, finishing with relaxing yoga type stretching techniques. You are at your own station for the class so you can work at your own pace.

THURSDAY – 7.30 -8.30