Hi there
My name is Angie Jenkins and in 1997 I founded Fit For Life.

Since then I have grown Fit For Life to be one of Ireland’s leading health promotion company, offering corporations access to a seamless spectrum of health, well-being and fitness services, underpinned by the highest standards in training and expertise.

OUR PASSION is to provide services that improve the health of your staff and ultimately your company.  Having such services are key to maintaining staff energy levels in the corporate environment and we continue to deliver cost effective and data lead solutions that meet those needs.

OUR MISSION is to provide an outstanding service to our clients by engaging with and educating staff on physical, nutritional and mental wellness, enabling them to better manage their energy levels resulting in increased performance and a better quality of life.

We keep ourselves in-line with developments in the world of corporate wellness and continue to partner with industry experts and thought leaders as our collective knowledge develops.

We understand that for an organisation to enable their people to work at their best there is a need to invest not only in their physical but also their emotional and mental wellbeing. People who are fit in these areas feel better about themselves, are more engaged and therefore more productive. We fully understand this and are dedicated to providing new and innovative services to meet these needs.

We have a team of highly qualified personnel with a diverse range of knowledge. We keep up-to-date with industry trends as well as introduce innovative initiatives that are proven to make a difference to our clients lives.

We understand there may be changing needs to any business and have the capacity and flexibility to adapt rapidly to meet those needs.

We are confident that our wide range of services, the expertise of our team of qualified fitness professionals and most importantly our 21 years’ experience in the field make Fit For Life the ideal partner for your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you.