Getting that V-taper look.

There is little that makes a body look fitter and stronger than a a V-shaped body: a narrow waist and broader shoulders.

Well developed shoulders will make a thicker waist look slimmer and make a slim and fit girl look athletic and strong. In other words if you like to train but but look like someone who doesn’t then better developed shoulders will give you the look of someone who knows what they are doing.

Following on from my blog, “Targeted Muscle Growth,” this blog looks at developing the shoulders to give you that coveted v-tapered look, using the same sort of 12 week, 3 times a week varied loads that we looked in Targeted Muscle Growth.

A narrower wast is created in the kitchen but the shape of the shoulders is created in the gym. The problem is, most people use traditional shoulder exercises to build the shoulders and when they don’t work they just assume they can’t develop their shoulders like other people can. In some respects they are right. If traditional exercises are not building your shoulders then you need to train in more unconventional ways. It’s not that you can’t develop your shoulders it just means you need to find a better way…. and this program is just such a better way. Yes it is going to hurt, but i would also guess that it will be a lot more fun that traditional shoulder training and it will pump up the whole of your shoulder cuff like no other shoulder training program you have ever tried, (particularity day 3).

The shoulder workout goes like this…

Day 1: Mondays.

Super set: 5 x 5 Hang power snatch and Power Snatch.

The weight you are going to use for the Hang snatch should be lower than the weight you use for the full Power Snatch. You can also rest as long as you need between each of the exercises and each of the sets. Set your rest for at least 1 minute but take longer is required. As you are doing 5 sets of each exercise your rule of thumb should be, if you can do all 5 sets for all 5 reps then you need to increase the weight on that exercise, lower the reps to about 3 and start working up to 5 x 5 again over the course of a few weeks. So it’s 5 reps of Hang power snatches and 5 reps of full power snatches… 5 times.

The Hang Power Snatch

The Power Snatch

Day 2: Wednesdays

Super set: 3 x 40 seconds to 1 minute Shoulder press carry and Snatch Grip carry.

The weight for both of these carries should be the same, but the snatch grip carry will be harder so your time on that one should be a little shorter. You can also rest as long as you need between each of the exercises and each of the sets. Set you rest for at least 1 minute but take longer is required. To progress, your rule of thumb should be, if you can all 3 sets for the full 1 minute then you need to increase the weight, lower the time to about 40 seconds and slowly stating building the time back to 1 minute again over the course of a few weeks.

A quick Note: Not everyone has space in their gym to be walking about the place with an Olympic bar over their heads. If this is the case for you, just walk forwards and backwards for a couple of steps. (Be absolutely sure there is nothing behind you that you can fall over). Safety first. If even that is not possible then walk on the spot.

Shoulder press Carry.

Snatch Grip Barbell Carry

Day 3: Fridays.

Shoulder complex: 5 exercises, 5 reps, 5 sets. The lifts are… The high pull, the Power snatch, the neck press, the Bradford press and the Push press. Shoulder complexes are high rep, full rotary cuff pumping, lower weight shoulder bombs. If you have ever wondered what all of the shoulder muscles pumped up at the same time might feel like, you will quickly find out after you have completed this workout. We use five barbell exercises back to back, without putting the bar down and we do each of the 5 exercises for 5 reps. (I suggest starting with just a 15 kg or 20 kg Olympic bar). If you can do all exercises for all reps, for all sets for 7 reps…. then you can add a very small amount of weight (say 2.5 kg) to the  bar and start again trying to do all 5 exercises for all 5 sets for all 5 reps. Have fun… 🙂

Note: The first 3 lifts are all done with a Snatch grip, the past 2 with standard shoulder press grip.

High pull

Hang Power Snatch

Neck Press

Bradford press

Push press

Remember this workout is not designed for beginners. But is you have been training for a few years and your shoulders have just not preformed, this workout get the best out of them.

Have fun and be safe.

See you in the gym.