Leadership and Humility.

Welcome to the world of Character strengths.  In this series of Blogs we are looking at each of the 24 VIA Character strengths and how you might apply them to a healthy lifestyle.  If you would like to lean more about Mindfulness and Character Strengths, or if you are interested in having us run a Mindfulness and Character Strengths course at your workplace or club then check out our MBSP page here. If you would like to take the free VIA survey for yourself and see which Strengths are your Signature Strengths then click, HERE, or on the link to the VIA survey at the bottom of this page.
In this blog we are looking at the Character Strengths of Leadership and Humility.


Here is what the VIA Institute has to  say about the strength of Leadership.

“Research findings on the benefits of the strength of leadership found Socially, leaders are respected and valued by others, and they experience the benefits of being well-respected and held in high esteem by others. Leadership is related to emotional stability, openness, good social intelligence, and conscientiousness. Good leaders bring out the best in others. Leadership allows you to use and express a number of key character strengths, particularly zest, social intelligence, curiosity, creativity, prudence, honesty, and self-regulation. The VIA Institute [1]

People high in Leadership are great planners. They can see the bigger picture and know what needs to be done to achieve a goal. True leaders know when to lead from the front, when lead from the back and when to delegate. Leadership is often mistaken for being brash and bullying but these are often down to the strength being over played. A good leader does not have to be brash, flashy or have a huge personality, they can be quiet, assured and guiding from behind the front lines. A good leader is not afraid to reach out to others because they know to succeed you need to know your strengths as well as your weaknesses and to fill the gaps in any plan with the people best experienced to do so. Some Top-tips for people high in Leadership are as follows

  • Find any team sports or games that interest you. Your natural leadership qualities will be of great benefit to any team looking to succeed.
  • Journal your plans. This will allow you to see where you need help and where you do not. 
  • Hire a health coach. If you do not know how to plan your training or diet then get someone who does.
  • Try Cross-fit. It is competitive and requires planning, both of which you will enjoy. 
  • Make long term health plans.
  • Look for periodised training plans. The way the training fits together like a jigsaw puzzle over a year and changing fitness levels with interest you.
  • Join Gyms that give you the freedom to train in multiple ways.
  • Create fitness clubs at work. Put together a team to build a fitter happier and healthier workplace. 

Leadership in Action.



Here is what the VIA Institute has to  say about the strength, Humility.

Research findings on the benefits of the strength of humility found humility is linked with good self-esteem and a positive self-view. Humble people are likely to demonstrate higher levels of gratitude, forgiveness, spirituality, and general health. Humility is also related to having less anxiety about death and to religious tolerance. The VIA Institute[2]

The strength of Humility is the strength of balance and self knowing. People high in humility have a good working knowledge of where their strengths lie and where they are weaker. They have a quiet self confidence but do not feel the need to shout it out to the world. Sometimes humility can be mistaken for low self esteem but this is not the case. Humility can give great self confidence, great enough not to feel the need to show it off or to be brash or overbearing. False bravado is not needed for a person high in humility to succeed. They get the job done because they they know they can do it and they don’t need others clapping them on the back to motivate them.  Some Top-tips for people high in Humility are as follows.

  • Test different eating plans to find one that works for you. Once found you will easily follow it.
  • Yoga. Quiet balance and purpose are at your core.
  • Journal what you want and how you might accomplish it. Your self honesty will keep you on track.  
  • Try Martial arts or Tai Chi, your humility will keep you and those that train with you safe as well as challenged. 
  • Coach others. Your advice will always be valuable and true and your ability to listen will be of great value.
  • Try sea swimming and hiking. You will bring a healthy awareness of the power of the environment and your ability to engage with it to the challenge.  
  • Meditation and mindfulness: You will be able to engage in the exercises of both without frustration or exaggerated motive.  

Humility in Action