Love of learning and Judgement.

Welcome to the world of Character strengths.  In this series of Blogs we are looking at each of the 24 VIA Character strengths and how you might apply them to a healthy lifestyle.  If you would like to lean more about Mindfulness and Character Strengths, or you are interested in having us run a Mindfulness and Character Strengths course at your workplace or club then check out our MBSP page here. If you would like to take the free VIA survey for yourself and see which Strengths are your Signature Strengths then click, HERE, or on the link to the VIA survey at the bottom of this page.
In this blog we are looking at the Character Strengths of Love of Learning And Judgement.

Love of Learning

Here is what the VIA Institute has to  say about the strength, Love of Learning.

Research findings on the benefits of the strength of love of learning found Love of learning leads to the development of a deeper base of knowledge, enhancing competency and efficacy. Those high in love of learning tend to do well in school and read a good deal. They are often quiet or introverted. This is not always the case for those high in curiosity. Love of learning has been associated with healthy, productive aging.” The VIA Institute [1]

When it comes to living a more healthy life, Love of learning can present itself in many ways. People high in this strength love to deep dive into whatever area of health and fitness catches their eye. For example, if Keto living interests them then they will read multiple books on he subject. They will become fascinated about every facet of it, from how to put the meals together, to how the body changes form and function from the change in macro nutrients, right down to how the mitochondria in the cells work and process fat for fuel. Like-wise if they take an interest in strength training they will learn about the many different rep ranges, how to periodise their training and how to eat for strength.  Top tips for people high in Love of learning are as follows.

  • Find any type of training that gets yous excited.
  • Read books about diet, training and mindfulness.
  • Learn to breath.
  • Try Yoga.
  • Explore ways to meal prep for the week.
  • Look for periodised training plans.
  • Join Gyms that give you the freedom to train in multiple ways.
  • Try Olympic lifting and Cross-fit.

Love of Learning in Action.



Here is what the VIA Institute has to  say about the strength, Judgement.

“Research findings on the benefits of the strength of judgment found people who can see things from more than one perspective are particularly skilled in dealing with times of change and transition. Judgment counteracts biased thinking, contributing to more accurate decision-making. Individuals with this strength are less swayed by singular events and are more resistant to suggestion and manipulation.” The VIA Institute[2]

The strength of Judgement is the strength of measure and foresight. It allows you to see a situation for what it is without bias or motive. In terms of health it will help you to see what can be done and what is just dreams. It will also help you plan and strategies your food and training in an achievable way.  Judgement sits nicely between careless bravery and over cautiousness, which makes it a good strength to have if you like combat or other high risk activities, like rock climbing. Here are some good tips for people high in Judgment.

  • Try Olympic Lifting.
  • Power lifting and cross-fit would be a good idea.
  • Intermittent fasting may work well for you as you will be a good judge of when to do it when to leave it.  
  • If the Diet you are on is not working for you will know when to move to another one.
  • Test yourself by learning the more complicated compound lifts like the Barbell Snatch, Cleans, cleans and jerks, squats and Dead-lifts.
  • Try Martial arts.
  • Look for outdoor pursuits like hill waking, rock climbing and sailing.

Judgement in Action