Fat Phobic 

Most people will have heard of the Keto diet. Even if you are not exactly sure of its finer details you will most likely be aware that it involves eating larger quantities of fat and fewer quantities of carbohydrates than most other eating patterns.  You may even have heard of the many health benefits associated with a keto lifestyle, the least of which is fat loss.  However, for some people this idea of eating more fat can feel a bit scary given that we have been told for at least the last 50 years or so that eating fat is bad and eating carbohydrates is good. And despite the every growing levels of obesity and obesity related diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, hypertension and all the other modern conditions that seem to go with low fat, high carb eating we can still find it hard to make the switch.

Most people will also have heard of the Mediterranean Diet and even if you are not exactly sure of its finer details you will most likely be aware that is considered a very healthy way of eating. What a lot of people don’t realize however is that the Keto diet and the Mediterranean diet are very similar and with just a few minor changes you can try the keto diet while sticking to nearly all the Mediterranean protocols.

Here is a quick comparison and overlap between these two eating plans.

Mediterranean Only foods Mediterranean and Keto FoodsKeto Only foods
FruitsOlive oilButter
PotatoesAvocadoLow quality meats
Other starches like turnip and carrotsLeafy greensYogurts
Grains like wheat and oatsBroccoliCheese
Other Whole grainsAll fish
Particularly small fish like sardines
Sheal fish
Organic meats
Avocado oil
Brazil Nuts

Putting it all together 

As you can see, there is a huge overlap between these two popular and healthy ways of eating. So if you have ever wondered about trying keto, I hope the list of foods above has made that choice a little easier for you to make. 

And if you are wondering about how you might put some of these foods together to make some amazing, Mediterranean Keto meals, then check out the video below, by Thomas Delauer, where he outlines a full Mediterranean-Keto meal plan.