Spirituality and Fairness.

Welcome to the world of Character strengths.  In this series of Blogs we are looking at each of the 24 VIA Character strengths and how you might apply them to a healthy lifestyle.  If you would like to lean more about Mindfulness and Character Strengths, or if you are interested in having us run a Mindfulness and Character Strengths course at your workplace or club then check out our MBSP page here. If you would like to take the free VIA survey for yourself and see which Strengths are your Signature Strengths then click, HERE, or on the link to the VIA survey at the bottom of this page.
In this blog we are looking at the Character Strengths of Spirituality and Fairness and how they might be expressed through diet, exercise and healthy living habits. 


“I feel spiritual and believe in a sense of purpose or meaning in my life; and I see my place in the grand scheme of the universe and find meaning in everyday life.”

The VIA Institute [1]

Spirituality is most often associated with religious spirituality but you do not need to be religious to express or experiences spirituality in a strong way. As a character strength spirituality is most often expressed through, religion or faith, in a greater being, purpose, focus or direction. It is often seen in those practicing yoga, or meditation but can equally be seen in those that follow dietary or training plans for more than just physical appearance or sporting achievement. Eating for calmness, longer life health, for the benefit of the family or the planet as a whole are all associated with strong levels of spirituality.  Those strong in spirituality often express meaning in what they do, and what they do has meaning for them. For example if they like to kayak or swim they may feel a connection with the earth, there inner self or a creator through the water. So the exercise becomes more than just a physical act for them.  A hike up a hill into the sunrise means more to them that a hill climb on a treadmill. When we harness the power of spirituality in anything we do it can give if meaning and purpose and this ability, either natural or fostered offers a huge advantage when we take on challenging training or eating plans. If you are strong in spirituality then the following list of healthy activities may resonate with you and they will certainly help you connect with this strength.  

  • Yoga can be a great way to both exercise and connect with this strength.
  • Look into finding local mediation groups. As well as the physical benefits you will also gain mental health too.
  • Mindfulness courses will also be a great fit for you, like our own MBSP.
  • Look at getting out into nature. Hiking, sailing, swimming would all be good ideas.
  • Very focused activities are strongly associated with spirituality. Rock climbing and strength training are examples of this. 
  • Fasting plans such as intermittent fasting can be incorporated as part of a diet plan. Mindfulness and mediation can be incorporated well with fasting practices.
  • Investigate breath work, workshops ,books and courses. The breath is strongly associated with this strength.

Spirituality in Action.



“Fairness is treating people justly, not letting your personal feelings bias your decisions about others. You want to give everyone a fair chance, and believe there should be equal opportunity for all, though you also realize that what is fair for one person might not be fair for another. The VIA Institute. [2]

The Strength of Fairness is strongly associated with balance, either judicially, morally or socially. It allows a person to see things from both sides of view and helps with decisions about whether what appears to be fair to one person is also fair to another.  If you are strong in the strength of fairness you may also ask if you are being fair to yourself? Are you balancing work and your health? Is your diet fair to your health, your family or your lifestyle? Do you give to much of yourself to others? By viewing your health and lifestyle through the lens of fairness you will be better able to plan your week to incorporate fitting exercise plans and purposeful eating plans. 

  • Team activities can be attractive to people strong in fairness as they incorporate a level of group goals and collective purpose.
  • Learning to referee sporting events can also be very fulfilling and very active to if you are refereeing field sports.
  • Coaching can also be a good fit for people high in fairness. Coaching teams, particularly kids will give you the scope to express fairness in a health environment.
  • Body split training programs will be effective as you balance out your workouts to incorporate all areas of the body.
  • Pilates and yoga would also be good fits as they calm the mind offering balance to a busy working life.   
  • Diets that are focused but not to restrictive may be an option that appeals to you. Preferably ones that are designed to work with your activity levels rather that just a flat basic plan.

Fairness in Action