Love and Humor.

Welcome to the world of Character strengths.  In this series of Blogs we are looking at each of the 24 VIA Character strengths and how you might apply them to a healthy lifestyle.  If you would like to lean more about Mindfulness and Character Strengths, or you are interested in having us run a Mindfulness and Character Strengths course at your workplace or club then check out our MBSP page here. If you would like to take the free VIA survey for yourself and see which Strengths are your Signature Strengths then click, HERE, or on the link to the VIA survey at the bottom of this page.
In this blog we are looking at the Character Strengths of Love and Humor.


“Love falls under the virtue category of Humanity. Humanity describes strengths that manifest in caring relationships with others. These strengths are interpersonal and are mostly relevant in one-on-one relationships.” The VIA Institute [1]

People high in the strength of love have a great capacity to give of themselves. When you need a friend they are there. They will offer help and empathy to those around them and seem to have a built in radar to know when they are needed. Often this love is expressed outwards but when it is channeled properly it can develop a very rounded character. My health and well-being tips for those strong in Love are…  

  • Try and take care of yourself first. You can help others far more effectively if you are strong and healthy yourself.
  • Try couples yoga. It is a wonderful way to explore intimacy and exercise at the same time.
  • Create a diary of foods that you love and love you.
  • Get involved in charity sporting events.
  • You are the best of training buddies. If someone you know needs a training buddy let them you are available.
  • Look for community sports groups looking for volunteers to work with kids or the less advantaged. You will fit right in.
  • Tai-Chi and yoga are good fits for you as they allow you to explore feelings of love but don’t forget that anything from strength training to bodybuilding might also draw powerful feelings of love from you.

Love in Action.



“Humor involves the ability to make other people smile or laugh. It also means having a composed and cheerful view on adversity that allows an individual to see its light side and thereby sustain a good mood. The VIA Institute[2]

Those strong in humor just love to have fun and to create it too. They will get over disappointment quickly and have a sunny, optimistic quality. They have the ability to be both self deprecating but also the ability to when things are not as serious as others might be taking them.   

  • Explore diets to see what fits for you, even mixing and matching them. A diet is not a religion. Look for guides who understand this.
  • Mud runs and charity runs can be right up your street.
  • Cross fit can be a really good fit for you because it is so varied and fun to do. Just watch for some of the clubs that take themselves a bit to seriously.
  • Spin, Zumba, dance, hiking and triathlon clubs might all be a good fit.
  • Practice a little self discipline if you feel the fun part of what you are doing is taking more a priority than your goals.
  • Groups will love having you around as you will make all their training more enjoyable.

Humor in Action