Creativity and Hope.

Welcome to the world of Character strengths.  In this series of Blogs we are looking at each of the 24 VIA Character strengths and how you might apply them to a healthy lifestyle.  If you would like to lean more about Mindfulness and Character Strengths, or you are interested in having us run a Mindfulness and Character Strengths course at your workplace or club then check out our MBSP page here. If you would like to take the free VIA survey for yourself and see which Strengths are your Signature Strengths then click, HERE, or on the link to the VIA survey at the bottom of this page.
In this blog we are looking at the Character Strengths of Creativity and Hope.


“There are two essential components to Creativity- originality and adaptiveness. A creative individual generates ideas or behaviors that are novel or unusual and these make a positive contribution to the individual’s life or the lives of others.” The VIA Institute [1]

Creative people are never stuck for ways to train, eat, shop or adapt. Your plan may be to hit the barbells followed by the rower but when you arrive there is nothing left but some dumbbells and some space on the floor. No problem for the creative person, they will create a new program; dumbbell presses, lunges, burpees, jumping jacks and crunches. Likewise in the kitchen, their conjuring powers will whip up a macro appropriate meal out of what is available.  Creative people are the great problem solvers of the world. When faced with a barrier they don’t think, “Damn, now i cant do it,” they think, “Okay, so how do i work around this.” So here are my Health tips for the Creative person.

  • Wan’t bigger legs or faster sprints, no problem. Get your pen and paper out and start creating a program designed by you for you.
  • Try cross fit. The combination of exercises and training methods will be stimulating for you.
  • One diet plan may not be the best fit. Mix the best of what you know so it fits with your training and your life style. Low carb, and fasting for the off days. Higher carbs and energy for the explosive days.
  • Design some at home workouts.
  • Want some cardio but not at the gym. Cycle or run to the gym or to work.
  • Create training plans that evolve as your fitness does.
  • Find trainers and coaches that address holes in your fitness.
  • Join Gyms that are open to allowing you to do your own thing.

Creativity in Action.



“Optimism is closely linked with having a particular explanatory style (how we explain the causes of bad events). People using an optimistic explanatory style interpret events as external, unstable and specific. Those using a pessimistic explanatory style interpret events as internal, stable and global. [2]

Hope is the power of self belief and optimism. Some one crashes into your car… well at least you get the chance to look at getting a new one. Can’t get that one food that is so crucial to your diet plan? Maybe a food you have never tried will be even better. Yes the training is hard and the diet can suck at times but success is out there just waiting for you to catch up with it. Failure is not written in the stars, success is, even if things are tough right now. It is hard to keep a person strong in Hope down for long. They are drawn to a future that is always brighter and this can keep them going when others tire and give up.    

  • That 100 kg bench press is waiting for you; you can see it waving at your from the future to come and meet it.
  • Try competitive training like power lifting, body building or Iron man
  • If you failed at a lift, that’s okay, let it go and learn from it, you know you will probably get it next time or if not… the time after that.
  • If the Diet you are on is not working, refine it and try again.
  • Test yourself by learning the more complicated compound lifts like the Barbell Snatch, Cleans, cleans and jerks, squats and Dead-lifts.
  • Create a Hope journal where you write down all the things you are moving towards.

Hope in Action