Escaping the Dreaded Exercise Funk.

Let’s face it, maintaining a healthy diet, adequate exercise, and a fulfilling social life is tough. When work is hectic we can soon feel as though there aren’t enough hours in the day to juggle everything.
What’s more, motivation can disappear when stress is high. It can seem more beneficial to snooze your alarm rather than jumping out of bed for a morning spin class. We have all been there, ending up in the dreaded exercise funk.
Research shows that we are living our busiest lives in the modern era of fast paced business. And when busyness takes over, it often seems easier to skip a gym session here and there in favor of a cozy night in.
While plateaus are natural due the body’s ability to adapt, it is important to rest up, gather some momentum and jump out of the exercise funk before it takes full effect.
We have rounded up our favorite tips on ways to rev up your fitness as well as what traps to avoid. Ready… set… go!

What is an ‘exercise funk’?

What does it mean to be in a funk? We can experience them in our relationships, friendships and jobs, but let’s take a closer look at three ways an exercise funk can take shape.
1. A loss of motivation
2. A slump in progress
3. A plateau in results
Sound familiar? We’ve all been there. So how do we get out of this rut? Firstly, let’s remind ourselves of why exercise is so important…
Why we need exercise in our lives
Have you ever felt worse after completing a good workout? We didn’t think so! Exercise has endless benefits for our physical and mental health, and it is at our busiest that we need it most. Reducing stress, increasing cardiovascular capacity and most importantly building confidence! Exercise, in any shape or form is beneficial.
It also doesn’t have to be boring.
To get out of a funk, you need to get inspired. Try something new: cycling, cross fit or simply taking it back to the basics of weight training. Starting from scratch can be tough but also extremely rewarding.
Now you are motivated to get going, here is how to avoid slipping back into an exercise funk:

4 Traps to Avoid
1. Using the same technique over and over – your mind and body respond to challenges, so try a new machine or class at the gym, challenge new muscles or pick up a new sport.
2. Not tracking your progress – Tracking measurements or workouts helps to sustain motivation . It can also help you to spot and reverse any negative progression before it picks up any momentum!
3. You invest in Quick Fixes – We all know that overall health requires adequate exercise and a healthy diet, so if a solution seems too good to be true- it most likely is!
4. Making excuses – As the famous phrase goes: You have the same number of hours in the day as Beyoncé. So, carve out an extra thirty minutes in your day to get moving!


How exercise and having a personal coach can help.

The wellness industry has rapidly expanded in recent years. Producing conflicting, confusing information we are bombarded with varying information, advice and tips. Most of us have a rough idea of how to get healthier, fitter and happier, but we struggle to put it into practice. Creating productive habits is challenging but ultimately is key to maintaining a manageable relationship with health and exercise.
If you have tried all the above and think you need more guidance, this is where a Fit For Life  personal coach can help. Our Functional Medicine Health coaching works by integrating the art of coaching with the principles of Functional medicine, nutrition, the psychology of eating, mind-body medicine and positive psychology.
Health coaching is a great way to take control back in your life. Your health coach can help you to make those changes, empowering you to take back control of your health and reap the benefits of heightened energy, better digestion, and a sharper mind.
The support that guidance and accountability offer, often inspires people to get to their happiest and healthiest versions of themselves. These sessions can take place on a one to one basis, or as a group session, as well as in person or as an online program.
Find out more about how Fit For Life guidance can help you get out, and stay out, of your exercise funk.