Fit For Life are continuously looking for ways to improve our services so we would like to introduce a monthly blog that is dedicated to keeping you informed on the latest exercise, nutrition & mental health information.

So… welcome to the first addition of our ‘What’s The Story With Blog…. Each month we’ll discuss a different topic that will help you to prevent disease, optimise health and weight and live a longer more productive, resilient life.

The intention of this blog is to give researched factual information and you can then make up your own mind if you would like to implement what we have written about.

So this month we want to talk to you about Aerobic Workouts….

Many fitness routines practiced in Ireland today are out-dated and largely ineffective. People continue to train using outdated methods that fail to delver results. Maybe this is familiar to you: you use the bike, stepper or jog for between 30 and 60 minutes three to five times per week, finishing off with 100 ab crunches and few arm curls and have being doing so for several years without seeing any real change in the way your body looks, despite all your hard work.

I realised this over 15 years ago and this is why I incorporate high intensity Metabolic Condoning (MC) along with specific Strength Protocols into the sessions we deliver in the Fit For Life Clinic Rathgar. We also run these types of sessions with our corporate clients and always get amazing results. Of course nutrition, mental fitness, rest and recovery are also vital. That’s whole different blog post to come…

Strength coach to Olympic medallists in 18 different sports Charles Poliquin explains the reasons why aerobic work is counter-productive to fat loss.

Here are his top five reasons why cardio just doesn’t work long term for fat loss.

1. People will adapt to continuous aerobic workout after eight weeks, so anything more is a waste of time.

2. Aerobic training makes you weaker. The more lower body aerobic work you do, the more your vertical jump worsens, the more upper body aerobic work you do, the more your medicine ball throws worsen.” If you are a weekend warrior who plays sports at the weekend, be aware that aerobic training can affect your performance.

3. Aerobic training increases stress in the cells of your body, which leads to undesirable changes in your metabolism that can accelerate aging.

4. Aerobic training reduces your ability to handle stress. When one does too much continuous aerobic exercise the adrenal glands are upset. This can subsequently lead to tiredness, insomnia and the inability to lose weight, even after extensive efforts.

5. Aerobic training lowers testosterone, the hormone that builds muscle to burn calories and fat, and increasing cortisol, and the stress hormone that will eat your fat burning muscle.

So you are left with two options:
Continue to do the same type of training that has consistently failed to deliver results, or:

You can change your training methods.

If sanity is to prevail the only choice is to change. So the next question is – what do I do if I want to lose fat?

Continuous aerobic exercise resembles the work done by a Nissan Micra. A Nissan’s Micra’s engine is small, it doesn’t go very fast, its fuel efficient- learns to go distances without burning much fuel-but it’s not so great to look at.

But if your goal is fat loss, you should do weight training and interval sprints that resemble the work of a Ferrari. A Ferrari has a bigger engine (more muscle mass), burns lots of fuel, because of its bigger engine, and it’s a car that is envied by many!

Unfortunately outdoor bootcamps with large numbers of people attending generally don’t have the equipment to apply the overload principle and they don’t think about training variables such as work to rest ratios.

I have often see 30 + people in these groups running around in a park and there is no way any single trainer can keep an eye on that many people in a session. Although someone that just begins in any exercise regime will initially see some improvement, they will hit a plateau quickly as the body adapts which can be in as little as 4 weeks.

Here at Fit For Life we only take small groups so we can give you the attention you deserve. Our structured workouts and nutritional plan are designed to get you in Peak Condition improving your ENERGY, RESILIENCE RESULTING IN FASTER FAST LOSS!

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