In an era where the demand for experts wholly outweighs the supply, holding on to your employees can prove quite a challenge. It’s not like it used to be. Gone are the days when people would work at one company for more than 5 years, let alone their entire careers.

People don’t necessarily stay at organisations exclusively for monetary reasons and security like before. You may need to keep your staff happy by supplying them with additional perks. Companies need to create an exciting, creative environment for their people to work in.

What is it that would make you stay at a company for the long-term future? Millennial’s want to do what they love for a living and this is where you’ll see the contrast in consciousness between the modern-day employee and that of their predecessors.

What can you as an employer do to retain your employees? Staff retention is a major obstacle that all companies face these days. So, here are our top tips for keeping your employees happy and healthy:

Create a positive, fun and collaborative environment

It’s important to recognize and highlight the milestones of your employees. Try to be a part of the intricate levels within your team. From the brainstorming and developmental phase, right through to the final product. This will encourage collaboration. Whether the team is on-boarding a new client or developing new software, weekly, and even daily meetings or huddles should be held to create a sense of togetherness.

This goes hand in hand with making every day a joyous and fun experience for employees. Try to create the kind of environment where colleagues feel like they can joke around and have fun while working. You don’t have to use Google as a blueprint. It’s the little things – music in the office, champagne Friday’s, communal lunch areas, games, quizzes etc.

Let employees focus on what they’re good at

As mentioned before, people want to pursue their passions in the workplace. Employees should have the opportunity to take on the challenges they show the most interest in. In terms of productivity, when you give employees the chance to speak to their managers about what their personal career goals and interests are, they will feel valued.

If they are able to add to said career goals through their interests, they will naturally be more interested in their jobs which, in turn, will result in a happier and more motivated employee.

This supports the next point. Employees nowadays need the opportunity to be able to develop their skills. Having the ability to learn and grow within a role is crucial. No one wants to feel as if there is a ceiling they want to be able to prove themselves, they want the opportunity to advance and if you are to retain your staff, you will need to give them the chance to do just that.

Wellness and perks

Health and wellness are fundamental factors that add to the modern-day employee’s happiness, and so they should be. Some organisations may view a wellness program as a major, unnecessary expense, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Unbeknown to some, wellness can actually save your organisation money. As touched on in our previous blog post, according to Wellness Proposals, Coca-Cola, one of the biggest corporations on the planet, was able to save $500 per employee every year by implementing a fitness program in which only 60% of the employees participated. So, not only can your company benefit financially in the long run, it also goes a long way in keeping your staff happy.

Corporate health or employee wellness promotes a healthier lifestyle for hardworking individuals. Through Fit for Life, you’ll either be able to have a full onsite fitness centre, or we can even convert a room into an exercise studio.

Benefits of wellness for employees include:

  • It’s fun (a break from work)
  • Exercise and eating well improves productivity and energizes staff
  • Builds a sense of togetherness (community)
  • Lower healthcare costs
  • Builds morale

We provide fresh and innovative ideas and services for your organisation to achieve true wellness in the workplace. Visit our site for a more in-depth breakdown of our services.