Welcome to Fit For Life

Providing health solutions for corporate clients and their employees, Fit for Life offers a single point of access for any company’s health and wellbeing needs. Our tailor made programmes are designed to meet the needs of companies large and small.

We not only plan, build and manage on-site gyms for our clients, but our highly-trained fitness coaches also offer exercise classes and fitness sessions for groups and individuals. As diet and lifestyle are a fundamental part of our health, Fit for Life also specialises in the hosting of popular and informative seminars and fairs on all aspects of nutrition and fitness.

There are real benefits to encouraging a climate of health and fitness in the workplace. Healthy workers tend to be happier and more satisfied in their jobs. There are fewer days lost to sickness and stress and productivity rises. More importantly shared fitness goals foster a sense of camaraderie among workers and managers and the workplace, be it a small family firm or a multinational company becomes a more pleasant and vibrant place to be.

Fit for Life also offers a comprehensive range of services at its Fit for LIfe Training Studio. These include Personal Training, Fitness Camps, Kettlebells, Yoga and Pilates courses. The intimate venue is suited for smaller groups so that everyone gets maximum attention.