Out of the black comes a repetitive warped echo as you shift between the dream world and reality. Your weighted weary eyes gradually gain focus. Your bedside table within your sleepy sights. There, your mobile device is sprawled, bringing your daily slumber to a dizzy end with that oh so familiar incessant sound. The alarm. It’s morning, and it’s time to face the day.

More often than not, it’s a constant rush. First things first, turn the coffee machine on. Then you shower while the coffee brews, you then get dressed, down said coffee and head out the door. Then there’s the commute – this is most likely the time you focus on relationships. Getting back to messages from the day before. You then arrive at work and race through a 10-hour day, because who works for 8 hours anymore? Then it’s time for the commute back home where you’ll need to prepare dinner and enjoy what’s left of your day before doing it all over again.

The point we’re trying to get at is, at what stage in the day do you exercise? Can you really keep fit at work? Where does anyone find the time? We’ll take you through a few ideas on how to stay fit at work and then give you insight into our exciting group exercise classes and our facility design & management service. Staying fit while focusing on a career has never been easier:

Active commuting

You don’t necessarily have to walk, jog or cycle to work every day unless you have enough time of course – then you should most certainly do it. Chances are that you don’t though, so our tip is why not park your car a couple of blocks away from your work and walk the rest of the way? If you use public transport, get off two stops before and complete the remaining distance. Just that little bit of exercise will go a long way in helping you keep fit at work.

Standing Desks

Try to stand as much as possible when you’re at work. For instance, when you meet, or when you go for fresh air breaks outside – don’t sit as you normally would. Encourage your team to stand as well. It gets the blood flowing and the ideas coming. Another fantastic way to keep active at work is by personally investing or convincing your boss to invest in some standing desks as pictured below:

This can be used rotationally. It doesn’t have to be permanent, but each employee can work at a standing desk for two hours a day. It’s also refreshing because then you’re not just stuck in one place all day, every day.

Take the stairs

Avoid lifts and elevators completely. This may sound like an obvious one, but most people opt for the lift because of time constraints and always being in a rush. It’ll literally take just a few minutes extra every time and you’ll be getting a bit of exercise while you’re at it. If you work on the ground floor, then take the stairs to the top of the building whenever you go on a break. It’ll make the world of difference.

These are minor adjustments that you can make in your everyday life in order to be more active, but if you’re looking to get truly fit at work, then our exercise classes are the answer. If you’re a business owner, this is a fun way to build a healthy company culture, and if you’re an employee, you should encourage your boss to consider it for you and your colleagues.

Group Exercise Classes:

We are certain that a good group exercise programme will not only increase office fitness, but also elevate camaraderie and team morale, ensuring a better work environment. After all, when a person is exercising every day, they are way more productive. Fit for Life’s very popular group programmes run for up to 8 weeks and mix cardiovascular activities with mind and body techniques. We come to you and can even create custom schedules, exercise plans and nutrition modules for your company through our online portal.

If you don’t have the space for a full fitness suite we can easily use a large seminar room or canteen to cater for any of the exercise classes, we have on offer.

Our exclusive programmes include:

Self Defence 
Kettlebell Conditioning
Zumba/Cardio Salsa
Circuit Training
Strength & Conditioning
Tai Chi

Facility Design & Management:

For employers looking to phase lifestyle and fitness into the company culture, we have just the solution for you. We specialise in fitness & wellness centre management. This is our core business. A successful fitness studio is more than just the facility itself. We believe that it’s about having an enthusiastic team who offer services that inspire employees to participate in healthy activities to develop a more balanced, wholesome lifestyle. Our services include the following:

Membership recruitment, enrolment, and retention
Individual fitness consultation and supervision
Motivational incentive programs and unique events
Group exercise programs
Team-based activities & challenges

Get in touch with us if energising your office is something you’re interested in. We as people need to make time for fitness despite our work commitments. We at Fit for Life believe it should be incorporated into the work space. After all, we spend most of our lives at the office.