Are you a constantly finding excuses not to join the gym or take classes? Are you the first to procrastinate to do anything that you really want to do?

We all do it! With so many distractions like social media and 24 hour news just a few clicks away, it gets harder every day to motivate yourself. Temptation lurks everywhere.

So how DO you motivate yourself? To get to the HOW we first need to ask WHY.

It’s simple.
Motivation has one goal: to do something that’s hard. Like losing weight, getting fit or learning a new skill.
There are ways you can learn how to get out and actually DO the things you want to do.
Here are some of the best tips we have found to motivate yourself.


This is one of the best tips we can give you. Remember WHY you want to do something. Do you want to get toned to fit in that pair of jeans that you abandoned in the closet? Or do you want to eat healthy to get more energy? Once you uncover the target that’s driving you, the motivation follows. Doing nothing will not get you to where you want to be!


Motivation (and therefore the following action) is linked to emotions. When you’re feeling on top of the world you are motivated to go to the gym or eat healthy, right? When you’re not feeling great or are in a bad mood, you have less motivation, correct? Do something to take you out of that mindset and you will see that motivation comes a LOT easier. Go for a walk, stick on your favourite song. Whatever gets you out of that mood.


Have you noticed that motivation comes in waves?  When you are in a wave of motivation put systems into place that will make it easy for you. So want to drink more water? Make sure you always have a bottle of water near you so it’s only one little step away from drinking it. Rather than having to get up, go to the cooler and get that cup of water… When you’re on a motivation wave take action to do all the steps to help you create a system that when motivation is low it doesn’t feel like a big thing to do


Especially when it comes to fitness this is a good one. Being part of a community and having workout buddies increases the likelihood of actually going to the gym. Why? Because all of the sudden exercising is not a chore but becomes fun. We love workout buddies! Not only is it fun to work out with a friend but you’re less likely to skip sessions because one of you has committed to the other and that sense of commitment and accountability will lessen your chances of not attending, you aren’t just letting yourself down – you’re letting your buddy down to.

At Fit for Life we love the community we have built. Unlike a typical crowded, anonymous gym we all get to know each other through repeated participation in group classes. We have even created an app so you can be part of the community even when you’re not in the gym, this sense of belonging is known to increase motivation, this is why we do what we do in the way that we do it. If you are interested in learning more Check it out and join us!