Reasons to use a Personal trainer

Making the decision to change your lifestyle is a daunting challenge for many people, and so often people make this change by forging their own path and struggling on their own. There are a host of reasons why a taking on some coaching or a personal trainer can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make:

Personal Trainers teach you new things

If you’re new to the gym experience, getting a personal trainer is a smart idea. Many gyms or exercise programmes offer a free session when you sign-up to help you gain familiarity with the machines, and more in-depth coaching can help perfect your form. Once you have gained experience they can assist you by teaching you new techniques and training methods.

Trainers can be your therapist at times

We all like to vent at times. From time to time, the best time to do this is while you’re exercising. Your trainer can be the perfect sounding board for on those days when you just need someone to listen to you.

Trainers have an objective eye

We all have areas we’d prefer to target for improvement, but an objective eye goes a long way towards maintaining some perspective. Personal trainers can tell you what results to expect with each workout, as well as coaching you to improve each session to target different muscle groups.

Trainers are more helpful than a mirror

Working out in front of a mirror is one way to monitor your form, but how sure are you that you’re doing it right. A personal trainer can provide coaching that you know is correct and has your best interests at heart.

A trainer will help you push your limits

When you think you have reached your limit, your trainer will push you to go further and harder than you believe you can. That encouragement and belief from someone else will see you achieve things you didn’t think you were capable of.

A trainer will hold you accountable

This is probably the biggest reason for most people seeking coaching. The fact that you’re letting someone down by not training and knowing that you have an appointment with someone makes it harder to take the day off and skip your training.

A trainer will never let your results plateau

Often, we get into routines and stick to the same workout that has seen us achieve results in the past. Slowly but surely the results inevitably taper off and we become discouraged. A personal trainer will use specific coaching and a varied routine of workouts to ensure that you are consistently seeing results from your efforts.

Trainers keep track of your routines

Use your time working out to focus your mind and stick to the task at hand while your trainer keeps track of how many reps you’ve done and how far you are in your workout. It’s nice to have someone else doing the thinking for you at times, especially when your legs feel like they’re made of spaghetti.

Trainers ensure your safety

Working out involves heavy weights and strenuous exercise, the potential for injury is everywhere. Having a trained professional around not only ensures that your technique is correct and avoids injury but also that you have someone you can trust spotting for you.

Trainers will share in your successes

There are few things better than having someone to celebrate your victories and achievements with. With the guidance and coaching of a personal trainer, you will be reaching those goals together and sharing the journey towards your successes as a team.

At the end of the day, a personal trainer is a helping hand on the path to your path to achieving your fitness dreams and goals. Not only this, but they become a motivator and friend and ultimately an investor in the future you.

To find out more about how a personal trainer can help you get to where you want to be get in touch with us, we have a variety of fitness options that can be tailored to suit you.