Engagement Tools

We know that fitness and wellness is not restricted to the gym but that there is a need for being proactive and translating the knowledge and tools we have in to digital tools. We are therefore offering a complete coaching and management software that enables you to reach your employees in ways that are current - online and on mobile platforms.

Coaching and Management Software

Complete Coaching and Management Software

Custom Exercise Plans

We can create tailored exercise plans for your employees with our drag and drop editor. Afterwards, we will simply share our plans on a notebook, tablet, smartphone or a print-out.

Full Scheduling Software

No more hassle with scheduling. We can let your employees book classes online or in our app. It will take your employees less time to make appointments  and we'll get valuable insights in class and trainer performance.

Extensive Nutrition Module

Your employees can keep a nutrition diary via the online platform or with the mobile app. This allows our Dietitians and our fitness instructors to effectively offer personal guidance from a distance.


We can manage all your employee wellness data with one powerful solution. Our integrated billing module allows us to manage any employee appointment or top up payments online with ease.


Branded Mobile App                                                      
With your own branded app for iPhone and Android your employees can book classes, use exercise videos and track their fitness and nutrition progress. 

Coaching & Scheduling 

The online platform and mobile apps lets you easily manage exercises, schedules and nutrition plans and makes communicating with your employees easy. 

Online Portal & Community

Your gym and wellness programme gets turned  into a social hub with your own branded community. Employees can create profiles, socialize in groups, and complete challenges for points and badges.