Low Carb or No Carb

How to make low carb or no carb work for you.

Most people who have an interest in losing weight, reducing their body fat or improving their overall health will have come across low carb eating in one form or other along the way. Some have great success with it while others really seem to struggle and soon go back to eating as they did before... but why is this? Is there a difference between eating low carb and no carb and can this difference be holding you back? Might you just be getting low carb eating wrong? Read More


Low Carb Pumpkin Pie

Have you carved your pumpkin yet? Well don't through out the insides! There are so many health benefits to both the seeds and the flesh. Check out top 3 and a fantastic recipe. Read More

Slow Down the Aging Process!

3 Reasons Why Women MUST lift Weights to loose Fat and Keep Looking Young! Nearly every female client I start with wants to loose weight and tone up, sound like you? However I find most are a bit intimidated by lifting weights or strength training. Read More