4 Ways To Get Motivated

Are you a constantly finding excuses to join the gym? Are you the first to procrastinate to do anything that you really want to do? We all do it! With so many distractions like social media and 24 hour news just a few clicks away, it gets harder every day to motivate yourself. Temptation lurks everywhere. Read More

What's the story with....Chia Seeds

Only a few years ago Chia Seeds weren’t widely known or available. Thankfully this great seed has found its way to Ireland and can now be bought in any supermarket or health food store. At Fit 4 Life we just love this little yet powerful seed and use it daily in one form or another in smoothies, granola, puddings or egg replacers but more about that later. Read More


What’s the story with…Paleo Diet

There are so many different approaches to nutrition nowadays that we want to shine some light on what they are actually all about. We have created this blog series because we want to enable you to make informed decisions in your life by presenting you with facts that we research for you. You can then decide for yourself whether it’s for you or not. Today we will be talking about the paleo diet. It’s one of those buzz words that you hear everywhere. So what is the Paleo diet and what are its possible benefits? Read More