Christmas Cranberry Chocolate Brownies

Not all traditional Christmas fare is unhealthy, so making wise choices will help you sail through the Christmas dinner feeling great! Here's a great easy to make recipe for pudding that won't expand your waistline. Full of nutrition and no added sugar! Read More

4 Weeks to Christmas - 5 Fab Fat Burning Tips

The Christmas party season is just around the corner and you know that little black number might be a bit of a squeeze, that suit might not be so flattering any more. Fear can still make a difference. If you put some effort in and follow these 5 tips you will definitely feel fab at your Christmas do. Read More

Exercise Improves Brain Power

A preliminary study has found that exercise may rev up a person's brain power. In the study, the researchers measured the thinking ability of 20 men and women aged 18 to 24 after 30 minutes of moderately heavy to heavy running on a treadmill. Once the participants' heart rates had returned to resting levels, they were wired up to an instrument that measures brain waves called an electroencephalogram (EEG). Read More


Whats the Story with BBQ's- My top 10 foods cook on your BBQ

Summer is finally here and I love to eat healthy and I am NEVER upset about choosing nutrition & delicious options. BBQ’s are a great way to get some fresh air and eat well.( as long as you don't burn anything!) So I’ve decided to share with you my top 10 BBQ treats and why I choose these foods. Read More