A&L Goodbody MassageA&L Goodbody Massage

Orthopaedic Sports Injury Therapy
OR Deep Tissue Massage


Every Thursday – 30 mins for €25


This is a hands on approach using palpatory skills for the safe and effective treatment of joint and muscle problems.


It involves a combination of manual techniques, including deep massage, joint movement and gentle stretching, which are applied in accordance with current health principles.


This treatment style is somewhere between deep tissue work and osteopathy.The therapist uses a complete hands on approach and is able to prevent sports/work injuries and provide good recovery in joints and muscles.


He also specialises in restoring range of mobility in joints and can treat problems such as frozen shoulders, hips, cracking knees, ect.


Part of his service is postural analysis with relevant treatment and client education, which includes advice on how to lift properly, exercises you can do easily when working at the desk for long hours and exercises that can be done at home.

  • 30 minute treatments available.
  • COST: €25 for a 30 minute session. Feel free to book in for a 1 hour session.
  • Location: First aid room on ground floor
  • Therapist: Ants Alunurm


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Please note: Cancellation policy is 6 hour before the start of the session or you will be charged.

Cancellation policy is 12 hours prior to the session. You can cancel on line.